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After long years in business, and based on a vast professional experience, we developed consulting services specialized in transport, ports and logistics areas, putting all our experience and knowledge at your service.

Tell us about your projects and problems and wait for the best solutions coming from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

List of works and studies carried out directly and in co-operation with other partners:
– Financial feasibility study of a ferry company in Luanda
– Development of River Douro Navigability study
– Study on Dedicated Terminals for Short Sea Shipping (SSS)
– Short Sea Shipping Solutions Study
– Study on Short Sea Shipping (SSS)
– Study on Implementation of Logistics Master Plans in Distribution Companies.
– Study on Portuguese external trade and the feasibility to develop the shipping industry in Portugal
– Intermodal Sea-Road Transport Study.
– Study on the Optimization Viability of Intermodal Rail Transport Services between Portugal, Spain and France
– Member of the Technical Follow Up Committee of the studies on Dedicated Terminals for the Short Sea Shipping in the Portuguese Ports and the Port of Lisbon Logistics.
– Co-operation on the National Plan of Logistic Platforms for Gablogis (Portuguese Government)
– Co-operation in the Monitoring Commission of the Marco Polo Program for the European Commission.
– Port of Lisbon Strategic Plan
– Study on the Capacity and waiting queues of SAPEC terminal in Setúbal
– Motorways of the Sea (Phase 3) Study
– Economic and Financial Feasibility appraisal of a container depot and logistics platform next to João Paulo II Airport at S. Miguel Island - Azores
– Economic and Financial feasibility appraisal of the expansion of Ana Chaves Port in S. Tomé
– Study on the optimized lay-out of the container storage and warehouse areas on Sal Rei Port in Boavista Island - Cape Verde
– Study and specialized technical support services in the field of the container fleet management and maintenance of an international shipowner.
– Portugal Nacional Maritime Port Plan
– Study on the Impact of the third passage over the Tagus River, on the Port of Lisbon cargo terminal operations.
– Analysis of the maritime transport service to the Azores Autonomous Region
– Co-operation on the MIELE Study
– Co-operation on the study on the Mooring bollards resistance on the Azores Autonomous Region triangle ports.
– Study on the reorganization and business plan of a Port Operator
– Co-operation on the study of Short Sea Shipping Dedicated Terminals.
– Financial and economic feasibility appraisal of new transport hub at Bobadela, Lisbon
– National Logistics Platforms Network Plan Proposal
– Financial feasibility Study of a Towing Company in the Port of Lisbon
– Operation feasibility Study of the Calvanas Parking Area
– Financial and economic feasibility study of the new Lisbon Cargo Transport Centre in Lisbon
– Market demand forecast of the Lisbon Cargo Transport Centre
– Benchmark and Financial stability appraisal of a Marina
– Optimization and feasibility Study of an Intermodal Rail-Road Transport Service between Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.
– Financial Feasibility Study of a Local Ferry Company for the Transport of Passengers and/or Vehicles
– Feasibility Study of a Sea-Road Combined Transport Service between Portugal and Northern Europe
– Study on the Impact of Maritime Transport and Port Charges in Consumer Price Index Products at Madeira Autonomous.
– Improving the logistics performance of Fluxograma - Consulting Support
– Financial feasibility study of a parking and repair shipyard for yachts in Seixal
– Transport and Logistics Master Plan of the Portucel Group
– Statistical Analysis of TCSA - Sta. Apolónia Container Terminal
– Azores Autonomous Region port system study
– River Tagus inland waterway fuel transport feasibility study
– Feasibility study of building and managing a New Transport School Complex
– Co-operation on the study on The Impact of Liberalisation of Maritime Cabotage in the Member States of the European Union (Regulation 3577/92)
– Cost-benefit analysis of the dredging of the Port of Setubal south channel and rotation basin.
– Co-operation to prepare the specifications of a tender to be held by APSS
– Appraisal of Transhipment
Facilities in Cape Verde Islands
– Economic appraisal report of the VTS - Port of Lisbon Control System and Maritime Traffic Management
– Economic appraisal report of the Port of Lisbon rail access remodelling in Sta Apolonia Area
– Co-operation in ANTRAM Study No. 3, on Cargo Transport Centres
– SELDA Logistics Master Plan
– Potential development analysis of the Alcantara - Santos area
– Small, Medium Ports
– Co-operation on the Study on the Implementation of Regulation 3577/92 Applying the Principle of Freedom to Provide Services to Maritime Transport Within Member States (1995-1996) and the Economical and Social Impact of the Liberalisation of Island Cabotage
– Economic evaluation report of the Road Accessibility and Rationalization of Leixoes port area
– Financial and economic appraisal report of the deepening of the Alcantara Container Terminal and the Port of Lisbon access channel.
– Financial and economic appraisal of Santa Apolonia to Poco do Bispo port front remodelling
– Study on the planning and distribution of the port section between Terreiro do Trigo Dock and the Matinha Quay.
- Study on Short Sea Shipping

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