Logimaris usually has a permanent stock of many types of used equipment, ready to be supplied and operated in our domestic and export market. We also have the capacity to place in Lisbon or Leixões any type of new or used equipment with competitive prices and delivery times.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt or equipment requirements.


As Seaco Global Limited Agents for Portugal and Italy, we are able to provide you competitive quotes and the access to the container fleet of one of the World largest leasing companies, fully diversified and with global coverage, providing services tailored to your needs and requirements.

Types and Specs

Among the numerous other equipments availabel we can supply:

Self-unloading containers and pressurized tanks for the transport of powders, like cements and ash.
Steel products containers
Reefer units with meet hooks systems
Live cattle open side containers
Full open side general cargo units.

The dimensions and photographs presented are reference purpose only, and all dimensions may vary slightly depending on several factors such as: year of manufacture, manufacturer, model, etc.

Open Tops
Plataforms & Flats

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