Ocean Freight

More than 25 years in business, always with the objective of simplifying and making transparent the international transport of cargo by sea.
We gather all complementary services to maritime transport in a single, clear and full detailed invoice, ensuring the tracking of your cargo from origin to destination.


Logimaris is happy to provide you with a competitive quote and according to your needs and requirements.
We have a wide range of reliable partners on road, rail and air transport, and we are pleased to provide you with a competitive quotation that meets your needs even if they do not include maritime transport.


Because quantity is not a problem and being Logimaris a Ship Agent continuously aware of the brokering and chartering market trends, we can present you a complete quotation for the transport of full loads or part cargoes in chartered vessels.

Project Cargoes

Because the size of your cargo is not a problem either, we have a wide experience in the quotation of project/special cargo transport, offering personalized services door-to-door and ensuring that the most sensitive moments of your cargo handling are always monitored.